About me

I am an R&D manager and a software engineer at Samsung R&D Poland. I lead a team of engineers and linguists working on NLP technologies for Samsung products. My general interests are methods for data analysis and data processing.

Before joining Samsung I worked in academia. I did my PhD in mathematical physics at the Center for Theoretical Physics (2002–2006). After that I was a postdoc in computational neuroscience in the Laboratory of Visual System, Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology (2006–2010), and at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences in Ås (2010–2011). From 2011 to 2016 I was an assistant professor in the Laboratory of Neuroinformatics, Nencki Institute, where I did habilitation in biology in 2016. My contributions were in the following areas:

  1. Understanding how the signals measured in the brain (such as local field potentials or voltage-sensitive dyes recordings) reflect the activity of neuronal populations.  I worked on current source-density methods and on modelling of extracellular electric potentials.
  2. Quantitative analysis of the morphology of dendritic spines. The Python scripts for analysis of spines segmented using SpineMagick! (spine segmentation software used at the Nencki Institute), together with a brief manual and example dataset are available here.
  3. Analysis of mice behavioral data collected using IntelliCage and Eco-HAB, automated RFID systems. Computational modeling of learning and behavior.
    Here you can read more about PyMICE, a Python library for analysis of IntelliCage data.

Contact e-mail: gmail, the username is szleski.